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Our Philosophy

“Travel is the poetry of movement
It’s an encounter with ourselves“

For us, Nature & Culture are considered as one.

We believe that human societies differentiate themselves from one another based on their cultural connections and the elements extracted from their natural environment.

Our priority is to create unique voyages where Nature & Culture invite all to « encounter the otherness ».
Our local partners are carefully selected for their passion and dedication to offer a full experience of a land, far removed from clichés and mass tourism.​

Our Offer

Guaranteeing you the experience of a unique journey, our trip itineraries have been personally designed by us with heart in mind for you : our future voyagers.

To find out about your itinerary, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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We provide

  • Unique semi-private tours (4-6 people) accompanied by a “liaison”.
  • Personalized itineraries & trip planning without a liaison (* less than 4 people).

All of our tours are subject to change based on the needs of our traveling companions.

A core part of our itineraries includes some physical activities which are tailored to the specific needs of a group.

These half-day activities are performed once a day, supervised by professionals and will act as a basis on which we can discover these lands, their flora, fauna and the unique wilderness.

It’s also a brilliant opportunity to rediscover time for one’s self, in nature.

Role of the “liaison” :

They are members of our agency, experts in the chosen destination and have a deep connection with the local partners.
The liaison take charges of all of the on-site logistics and ensures that the journey runs smoothly. They are the link between you and the destination, creating the conditions which allow you to fully connect with your chosen land. If any problems arise, they will make sure to solve it.

Therefore, each traveler is freed from their logistical constraints and can concentrate on the essential: Encounter the Otherness.

If you’re curious about a new way of travelling, we are your ideal partner.

Our founders


Started as a personal trainer at the age of 20, but this was quickly overcome by his passion for travel and culture. After going back to university to study Social and Cultural Anthropology for several years, he had the chance to organize and supervise trips which included cultural and physical activities for small groups. After many positive experiences, he was motivated to start his own Tour Operator company. This has allowed him to share his experience and knowledge to better serve his future travelers.


Since she was a child, she had always been roused with enthusiasm for travel and what it represents to her : the chance to discover new horizons and new cultures. Upon her return home after each trip, the desire to go back out and explore the world always finds its way creeping back.
After taking a professional course in advising large groups, it seemed only natural for her to join Clément in order to realize their shared passion.
“I would like to create the travel conditions offering everyone some human experiences which leave a permanent mark.”​


Our Tour Operator “ExAct Voyages Sarl” is associated with “Géo-Découverte SA” in Geneva.

Géo-Découverte is our main partner in Switzerland and acts as a guarantor for all of our trips through their travel guarantee fund to ensure the best possible experience. ​