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By choosing to travel to Gabon, you choose to encounter the cradle of mankind: “the Forest”. It’s vibrant ecosystem is an awe inspiring example of the richness and diversity of life on earth…

It was seemingly not so long ago in the 15th century that Portuguese wayfarers, on the route to the Indies, discovered the coasts of a land that they would name “Gabao”. Yet, many centuries before them, it was the Pygmy and the Bantu people who populated the land of what is now known as Gabon.

The construction of 13 National Parks over the 2000s has contributed massively to the growth in value of this territory’s exceptional natural heritage. Consequently, the extreme density of this equatorial forest and the immense biodiversity that it is home to has given this tiny African country a unique character. Here, it is possible to observe forest elephants, gorillas, mandrills, water buffalo, hippopotamuses, humpback whales, leatherback turtles and many other species.

Thanks to the presence and peaceful coexistence of 52 ethnicities within its boundaries, this French-speaking country possesses a great amount of cultural value.

When to travel to Gabon ?

The dry season between May and Mid-September is a good time to visit this country. There is also a mini dry season between December and January.

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A true luxury ...

For us, luxury is defined by the uniqueness of each travel experience.

Observing a colony of Lowland Gorillas in the middle of the equatorial forest is an enchanting experience.

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At a glance

  • Venture into a forest: sightings of Western Gorillas and Mandrills
  • Journey downriver + camping
  • Evening of traditional storytelling
  • National Parks and Safari
  • Nautical adventure
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