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When travelling to Iran, be ready to receive its immense generosity which is only matched by that of its people…

A land set between the past and the present, between fantasy and reality, the ancient land of Persia has always been a passageway and a land of encounters between humans and cultures. Its geographic location quickly made this territory a Middle World between the West and the Far East.

From its architecture to its music, cuisine to poetry, literature to craftsmanship, Iran gives us a glimpse into the subtleties of a nation built over several millennia without interruption. Today it’s composed of well over 80 ethnicities. Through discovering the Iranian territory, we are offered the opportunity to walk the shores of the world’s largest lake, discover the ancient remains of Persepolis, wake up in the heart of a 50 million year old forest, appreciate the extraordinary architecture of the Shah Mosque, sleep in front of a fire in the hottest desert in the world, stroll into the romantic world of the gardens of Shiraz and finally to discover a pastoral lifestyle with a nomadic family for several days.

When to travel to Iran ?

The climate in Iran makes it possible to travel all year round. However, the spring and autumn seasons offer some particularly idyllic landscapes.

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A true luxury ...

For us, luxury is defined by the uniqueness of each travel experience.

Living for a few days with thousand-year-old nomadic tribes is a moment that you only experience once in a lifetime.

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At a glance

  • Discover ancient historical and cultural sites
  • Meet and connect with nomadic tribes people
  • Discover the desert + camping
  • Taste Persian cuisine
  • Explore on foot: canyons, mountains, forests
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Recommended duration : 8 to 12 days

Each travel project being personalized, it is not possible for us to display pre-established rates.

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