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To travel in Switzerland simply offers the chance to slow the pace of life…

Situated in the heart of Central Europe, Switzerland embodies, perhaps more than any other nation, the vibrant history of the continent. It is in a patchwork of identities that she finds her character; she has been able to integrate with a great subtlety, influences from the many of the great European empires that have developed around her in history. The current usage of four languages within her borders is one of the numerous examples that show that at the same time this country is both  “one” and “many” .

If Switzerland is known throughout the world for one thing it is her unrivalled  watchmaking, a symbol of the perfect mastering of mechanical time; it is perhaps why the inhabitants of this marvellous country have always know how to listen, observe and feel from deep within themselves the movement of the most complex and beautiful of timepieces: Nature!

To travel in Switzerland offers the chance to discover an enchanting landscape of forests, lakes and mountains balancing each other with perfect harmony.

When to travel to Switzerland ?

Switzerland offers a warm welcome to visitors all year long.


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A true luxury ...

For us, luxury is defined by the uniqueness of each travel experience.

The luxury of Switzerland lies in a sense of assured peace cultivated by the purity and breathtaking splendour of its nature.

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